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Summer is finally coming (cue the Hallelujah chorus). And while we can all easily get on board for cute sundresses, fruity frozen cocktails and weekends by the pool

Summer is finally coming (cue the Hallelujah chorus). And while we can all easily get on board for cute sundresses, fruity frozen cocktails and weekends by the pool, the warmerbreeze also means it’s time to pay extra attention to our precious skin. Humid weather and extra products can leave it oily and clogged, the harsh arctic blast of air conditioning can dry it outand overall our days are simply brighter and longer. Our point? Summer can wreak havoc on our skin if we aren’t careful to review and change up our everyday beauty routine.

So today we bring you 10 tips to keep skin healthy and vibrant during this summer season.

Avoid too much sun

One of the biggest changes our skin undergoes during this timeis the amount of sun it’s exposed to. Harmful UV rays can do tremendous damage, especially if you have sensitive or light/fair skin, so try to avoid lots of direct sunlight between the peak hours of 10am and 2pm.Howeverif you aregoing to be outside in the elements for an extended period of time, consider wearing a hat, a pair ofbig shades and something light to layer on over shoulders. Use a self-tanner if you’re still looking to get that sun-kissed glow!There are so many healthier ways to achieve it these days. And of course…

Wear sunscreen every day

While you may always remember to pack the sunscreen if you’re hitting the beach, it’s really important to wear it every single day, no matter the outdoor activity. This means even when there are clouds in the sky and even when you’re running a simple errand such as going to the grocery store. The sun’s burning rays are remarkably powerful, even when theydon’tnecessarily feel to be that way. Look for a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and be sure to reapply it often (especially if you’re swimming or sweating it off). While you’re at it, it’s also a goodidea to invest in a good chapstick with light SPF as well.

Cleanse your skin twice a day

No matter what skin type you have, be sure you’re cleansing it twice each day during the summer months- once in the morning and once in the evening. This will ensure that you wash off the toxins encountered through the day. Look for a light, gentle cleanser that can handle the extra oil summer skin tends to bring along.

Exfoliate weekly

Exfoliating on a weekly basis will help to remove dead cellsthat are often just sitting on the skin’s surface (making it look dull). This will result ina more radiant, healthier complexion and also promote skin cells to regenerate more quickly- AKA help keep aging at bay. Avoid harsh products and instead look fora natural scrub and body brush or gloves. Make sure this is done in the morningsprior to applying any sort of moisturizer, SPF and/or makeup.

Moisturize often

In the summer it may be tempting to ease up on moisturizing because your skin doesn’t feel as dry and itchy as it does during colder days. But this is a practicethat worksbest over time with consistent use. Moisturizing daily will keep skin hydrated, and will be most effective if it’s applied right after a shower. Also consider adding a humidifier to your bedroom to combat the AC and add some natural moisture back into the air while you snooze (beauty sleep on another level).

Give extra consideration to your eyes

Sun and heat can prove to be especially taxing on the delicate skin just below our eyes. This is again where a trusty pair of sunglasses can serve as your knight in shining armor (pun intended). Sure, they’re around to mostly protect our eyeballs, but they’ll also greatly help to ward off premature aging caused by exposure to damagingUV rays. You can also use a cooling eye mask at night to keep the area hydrated.

Don’t skimp on sleep

Lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels (the stress compound), which slows down the production of collagen in the skin. So always aim to get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This is the optimal amount needed for the body to fully regenerate and repair itself for the next day.

Increase your H2O intake

Proper hydrationgreatly impacts internal organ functions, flushes out toxins and ultimately plays a huge role in how your skin will look and feel. So sip on water throughout the day. Cut up fresh fruit slices to avoid boredom, carry along a reusable water bottle and consider tracking your progress (there are apps for that) for extra motivation. If you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages during the day, be sure to up the amount of water you drink even more than the standard eight 8oz. glasses.

Watch what you eat

What you eat will undoubtedly show on your face. Nutrition plays a huge role in complexion, as it greatly affects hormones, inflammation levels, etc. Try to avoid consuming too many sugary or salty products and instead include high water content fruits, such as watermelon and oranges, and leafy greens to boost the immune system and keep the digestive system regular. When you feel like treating yourself, do so with a piece of dark chocolate. It’s rich in antioxidants that will help to hydrate skin and improve circulation.

Sweat it out

Working out isn’t all about shedding unwanted pounds or prepping for your next marathon. Exercise also helps to rid the body of toxins and increase blood circulation for that healthy glow we all strive for. So whether it’s a yoga session before work or an evening stroll around the neighborhood, make it a point to get a bit active each day. As an added bonus you’ll have more energy, more restful sleep and less stress!

As you can see, when it comes to skincare this summer just a few simple tweaks makes it easy to keep a radiant, fresh-lookingcomplexion all season long. What are your favorite tips, tricks and products?

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