6 Major Beauty Hacks

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Though our skin care and beauty regimens—and not to mention the many products these can involve—are very important to us, so is our time and money. The more efficiently we use our time primping and getting ready, the more time we can spend doing—and if we can save money in the process, why not!

That’s why I’ve put together my top six beauty hacks for getting the most out of my products and routine. Check them out below.

  1. Cut makeup remover/cleanser sheets in half.

If, like me, you like to wash your face and remove your makeup with those easy-to-use facial cleansing wipes you can buy at the drug store, here’s a fact you need to hear: you don’t really need to use the whole sheet in one sitting!

Believe it or not, half the sheet will get the job done just as well, so save yourself and your wallet some money by cutting the wipes in half and doubling the life of the pack you just bought.

  1. Ask for product samples.

Have you ever noticed a gorgeous shade of lipstick in a magazine or online but didn’t want to buy it without knowing how it would look on you first? We’ve all been there and experienced that buyer’s hesitation.

Here’s the solution: Try asking the company for a sample of the product. This way, you can see how something like lipstick will look with your skin tone, eye color, etc., before you buy an entire tube. If the shade looks great, you’re free to indulge! But if it doesn’t quite turn out to be everything you’d hoped for, you haven’t spent money on something you probably won’t use.

  1. Exfoliate less during the winter months.

Because the winter months tend to be dryer and harsher on your skin, exfoliating daily, or even at a rate of 3 times per week, may be too much.

While you should consult with your dermatologist about what specific exfoliation practices are right for your skin type, you can try reducing this part of your beauty regimen to fewer times per week during the colder months. This will help you save on exfoliant and avoidirritating or drying out your skin.

  1. Exfoliate more than just your face.

Just as it can be beneficial to exfoliate less often when it gets drier, it can also be good to exfoliate areas outside of your face.

Whenever you bust out the exfoliating scrub to give yourself a facial, look for other areas that may seem rough or clogged, or that break out occasionally. Some good suggestions of areas that can sometimes use an extra bit of TLC are the back and shoulders, the hands, the elbows, the knees, and the feet, especially the heels.

While you should be aware of how often your own skin type should receive exfoliation, to get your scrub to work some double duty for you, try also exfoliating any of these areas that may be a concern for you whenever you exfoliate your face.

  1. Use primer!

Nowadays, there is a primer for everything—foundation, eye shadow, you name it. And what these products do is spelled out for you in the name: they “prime” your skin to receive the incoming beauty products and make them last all day long, so you don’t have to worry about reapplication, which also helps you save on product.

Primers should be considered essential, not extra, beauty products, and are well worth the investment.

An added bonus: The really good ones will feel silky smooth on your skin!

  1. If you have dry skin, look for skin care products that contain hyaluronic acid.

If you are constantly combating dry skin, you’re going to need more than just a layer of moisturizer to solve the problem. Products that contain hyaluronic acid carry that extra punch to actually achieve hydrated skin for the chronically dry.

But buying yet another product can push the limits of some of our budgets. That’s why you should find a product you need or were going to buy anyway that also happens to contain hyaluronic acid.

So if you’re shopping for a particular skin care item—whether it’s a moisturizer, a night cream, a firming serum, or something else entirely—and you’re trying to decide between a few different brands of the product, the one that contains hyaluronic acid is the clear choice for those of us with dryer skin.

These are just some of the hacks you can use to make your beauty products and routine work harder for you. So if you want an easy way to save while also getting more out of your daily regimen, give some of these a try.

Know of any other tips or tricks like these? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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